The only LMS built natively on Google Workspace™ organizations

Start with your existing Google Drive content and have a course ready in seconds.

No LMS is simpler for Google Workspace organizations

  • Google Drive URL
  • Google Forms™ Quiz
  • Google Drive View

Only $1/student/month

  • Cancel anytime

    Our only plan includes all the features. We bill you monthly for each user who is registered with the LMS. There is no free trial, but you can cancel anytime.
  • Ryan Bosshart, CEO at phData

    "Before we found 1s lms we ran a traditional procurement process and ended up buying Cornerstone. I knew we had made a huge mistake when they said we needed a multi-week onboarding process before they'd give us access. Conversely we were up and running with 1s lms in seconds and never looked back."

  • Brock Noland, CEO of Vertical Insure

    "All our content lives in Google Drive and I didn't want to maintain two seperate copies of the material. 1s lms is the simplest tool I've ever come across!"

  • M. Anderson, Sales Operations

    "We needed to train our sales team on new offerings and compensation plan. We have a corpoate LMS, but the team moves too slowly and it doesn't connect to Google Drive. We implemented 1s lms in less than hour!"

  • S. Mehlhaff, CMO

    "We were rolling out an initiative to ensure all cashiers were aware of our new product offerings. We needed a simple LMS which ran them through the offerings and along with a short quiz."